Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yoga of the Singing bowl

Everyday I spend with the bowl gets me closer to several concepts of yoga that sound pretty in theory but are difficult to understand, grasp and translate into actual experience.
* That the bowl must be fully empty to resonate and create its special resonance.This is spiritually a very powerful lesson, if you see that idea as a person who needs to be egoless.
* That its rim cannot be a perfect circle. The soft ridges and undulations are what give each bowl its own unique vibration. Perfection, then, could be a flaw, spiritually:)
* That though all bowls appear to be alike, they are different and the special ones, even though they look like the "non-spiritual" ones, are very different despite seeming to be similar like the others. That being spiritual does not mean strutting one's differences but rather to merge and just be, like the rest of the others, holding on to the secret of your special vibration and reveal it to only those who can relate to it:)
* That the bowl in itself seems supremely indifferent to whether you strike it or not, and that the craving for its music and its soul sound, comes from the human hand wielding the gong... and the spiritual one is indifferent is not blabbing all the time, but holds on to his or her music..What if the bowl were to make its sound on its own -- that would be appropriate? Then, so, too, we can remain in silence and not be understood and not lose anything of who we are for that..
* Even though "the singing bowl" looks like other bowls (there are fake ones that don't create similar magic) it has different ratio of the metals that give it the special vibration. It does not announce its difference because the one who knows the difference will know it from other bowls. So, too, we do not need to fret about explaining our spiritual momentum within us.
* That to hold the mind to the lasting resonance of a single strike.. that is so deeply meditative.
* That the bowls have something to say that is not of words and to hear it, you have to understand inner silence completely.
For me, equally beautiful, is that unlike with a yoga class, when I can tire out completely after a session, a bowl session leaves me with a deep glow... because when the bowls resonate  they sing  for you:)
 For me, they are very live things.. animated, singing the songs of the  planets and the stars, the hum of blood and harmonics of  life; their sound is ethereal, other worldly.. but their vibrations are beyond the realm of human senses. They belong to the space before senses were formed...

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