Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Recent yoga purchase & thoughts on money, money, money

Yeah.. I have reasoned out why I spend so much.. It is because I care not for money. Actually, think of this logically through. The ones who do not spend, they care for money. The ones who do not, they spend. They do not care for hoarding. Spending is a way of detachment towards money. You may find that funny. But the fact is I have lots of super rich students and as my husband jokes, they are rich because they are careful about how they spend,while I will never be rich because I care not how I spend:)!! It is true... money has less value in itself. It is how you use to define it.. It is a puzzle to me to see that something that appears to be concrete, and that seems to inspire so much response, through generations and through cultures, can create such different relationships with different people. And the interesting thing is, I see so few people really chilled out about money.. It is a big puzzle -- it must satisfy some deep inner need for many people,soothe some super fears from several past lives --  that they cling to it so steadfastly.. Which aspect of spiritualism does it touch (cannot ask this of our current day gurus -- the last one I heard, was found with gold bars in his inner sanctum! and yet another is giving several governments tough time for encroaching on prime property)
Any case, bought this piece of Zen Art -- titled Zen Art Box -- for a lavish Rs 895 -- to keep at the Yoga Kuteer (and can u imagine, despite my attempts to educate, illumine, enlighten the few students who come to the center,not many even bother to see the quotes, articles or books I put up there!! The money I spend there could be well wasted --yet I don't bother about it because I believe I am creating a "spiritual fragrance", which if not today, will surely touch the senses of some at least some time in the future:)
I know I am going to love this box of art -- here is the first image, of Hotei (who by the way is a big fav with Indians who refer to him as the Laughing Buddha and keep him as a FengShui icon for prosperity).
Book, by Shambala Publications, by J,D. Loori and Stephen Addiss. It has 40 paintings (Yippee); Little notes behind, with interpretations. One booklet on Zen Art and its spiritual significance. Yes, to  spend this year happily deconstructing  myself, through art, pet and teaching!

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