Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Uplifting flow: from Bhujapidasana to Titibhasana to Bakasana

There  are some days when you feel as if you have seen wastelands and devastations. When you hear the winds howl through the aridity of the soul. When the toss between everything and nothing seems to favor the latter:(

On such days, the best rescue remedy are arm balancers. They can give you a 180, or even 360 degree shift in perspective. From nothing, if not everything, at least something.

So, I have these mood yo-yos when I feel I am looking into absolute void very clearly.. on such days my arm balancers save me.. I realize, the nothing is actually hiding something.. everything.

So, yesterday this vinyasa from the shoulder pressing pose to firefly to crane saved me.. it is first attempt, hence the shakiness. But amazing flow and rather easy:) Am getting there.. Hey,void, I salute you for pushing me to such things...


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