Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Kunzite, a lilac beauty, a heart chakra stone

The other day I met an old acquaintance of mine,also a yoga teacher. She waved her hands around me vaguely covering my whole body, and kept saying, "Something has changed, something has changed. Mmmm. I hope for the better. At least, I am a lot peace with myself. I realize my need to keep doing things is not as creative as much as an attempt to control anxiety from childhood and that a lot of us going for the rush may actually be guilty of that need. And what is yoga, unless all hunger is quelled, including for action (so rajas can finally transform itself to sattva:)

I spend more time with my pets. I sit down with the stray cats I am feeding, where earlier I used to feed them and rush off. I connect with them, and for a few seconds time stops completely in their love. My parrot and I, we spend a lot of time. My Pepper has taught me to "waste time" meaningfully.. in love and nothingness, as also my beautiful souled Persian Sattva..

Yes, I hope something has changed. My thoughts still zip about  like they have a fire lit under their butts:) But I will get there, and jump between the clashing rocks, so I can reach that special place, that gap between thoughts where time stops..

Any case, I spend more time with my stones also. I feel less cheesy discussing them, as I do my bowls. So, alive, these things. So, I found my lost Kunzite, and gave it a jeweler next door to set it in silver, in a way I can wear it either as a pendant or a ring.

Kunzite, a lilac stone, so pure, so clear, so sparkling...

A glimpse of the infinite.
Love, of the self and others, and a reaching out that comes from the comfort of that.
Letting go of emotional debris.
Cleansing the aura, blocking negative hooks and entities.
Heart chakra stone. Connects to the throat and the third eye.
Helps clarify selfexpression creatively.
Immune system, circulation.
Removes stress.
Removes blocks.
Uplifting. Removes depression.
Nerve problems. Epilepsy. Joint pains.


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