Monday, April 14, 2014

On how sounds affect your brain, and add to your well-being

I am readinga book by Don Campbell, The roar of Silence--Healing power of Breaeth, Tone and Music.

He says that what we do not remember is that the ear is also a major player in gauging our sense of space and how we align our posture. After all, the inner ear apparatus is closely linked to our posture.

That was an aside, to this post. I wanted to actually write about how excited I was to read what he says about the limbic brain and its response to sounds. Here the brain deals with wordless input -- where "basic sounds of expression" are made. Here is where we are possibly hardwired to harmonic sounds and be healed. The replitian  part of our brain is more ancient, but it is in the mid-brain is where we are stationed as Mammals -- creatures which get their sense of well-being from bonding, nurturing, being cherished and to love and be loved. Here is where sound impacts us
most, before they reach the "word" stage. It is exciting what he says next:
Here is Campbell on this exciting, healing connection: "When we chant or hum for long periods, we can stimulate this limbic area to reduce stress and give us a sense of well-being. Toning creates a deep sense of being bonded within ourselves. We can reach a state of contentment in a safe and fully aware state of mind."

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