Sunday, April 13, 2014

Yoga for cancer: Gayatri mudra

I first read of the Gaytri mudras -- 24 of them -- in Keshav Devji's book. Subsequently, when discussing yoga for cancer with a student, I went back to a book I had by Bijoylaxmi Hota and saw that she had also included this set. Yesterday, excited once more by a FB pose by instructor Steven  on Ahamkara mudra (Ego hand gesture) I dug back into the mudras, and wished to post this, for those who may need it.

By the way, u will find that if a particular mudra is necessary for you, your fingers usually have a great initial resistance and difficulty in assuming this. For me, when I started practicing yoga, it was a good indication of a deep connection between our hands/fingers and our brain map. My "earth" finger (ring finger) often will not be straight in some poses, because as a Vata person grounding is what I want, and it is my area of will also shake a lot, etc. So, that should not be deterrent in going ahead.. in fact, it should excite you to clean up your insides, by just holding your fingers right!

Here is a clip, on Youtube by Keshavji himself, on the Gayatri Mudra

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