Friday, October 31, 2014

Spikenard aroma oil: a spiritual oil, for the yogi

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I had bought this oil, almost absentmindedly, a year ago. It was packed well I guess, and has retained its earthy flavor/aroma.I unearthed it yesterday and decided to check out its healing value. And found out very exciting things about it. And to complete this serendipity, I also find that it is a solar plexus oil --helps to harmonise this center. And I've been thinking a lot about this center lately. So, its a lovely way to wind up the weekend, luxuriating to the idea of meditating with this oil.

Some things I found out:
* It was used by Mary, to anoint the feet of Christ, before the arrest.
* It helps lower the bad cholesterol, increase the good ones.
* balances estrogen.
* anti-depressant.
* helps balance heart and solar plexus.
* used in several ancient cultures for spiritual and meditative purposes.
* Sedative

It seems as if this oil was created for me. But despite having it in my cupboard for it, I discover it only now! Strange are the ways of karma:)


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