Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Which direction must you face while doing yoga or meditation? Quiz

Which side  should your head face while doing yogic practices or meditation?
Choose any from the following, to find out your spiritualism quotient
* North
* East
* West

Answer: Oops! The illustration has given away the answer.. look carefully.
Yes it is the north. And also, often the east.
Let's get to the science behind it. This is based on the Vastu shashtra(Indian science of architecture designed to maximize the flow of  cosmic energy) , which in turn connects and aligns with the modern day science of the earth magnetic poles. If you understand a bit about pineal gland, it is said to "feel" the earth's magnet. While there are naysayers who feel this is  hocus-pocus, actually science shows that in mass migration of animals across the earth, often in territories that is strange to them, the pineal gland acts as the "guide".
So, in all spiritual practices (even stimulation of the mind in creative and intellectual work), facing north (or east) works best because the energy shifts upwards in a positive way. You have connected with the entire energy of the universe by tapping the direction of its flow. Wow, what an exciting idea.

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