Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yoga powers

I have always struggled with remembering this. And I like to believe that this has to do with the advice of all sadgurus that as your practice advances, you are likely to get siddhis. But you ignore them, the way a sadhu rejects the overtures of attractive women.

Any case, over the years I recollect the first four, and the last four have evaded me the minute I shut the text from where I am trying to learn them. I realize that there is something odd there, as if I do not want to know of these other fours. I have my own reasons for that guess, but I am not sharing that here. But check below if you have any of these powers listed below, as amongst the eight siddhis/powers(ashtha siddhis) that come from a regular yoga practice. And if you do find that you are really powered, keep quiet and do not discuss it with anybody, because that would mean upside down wisdom (viparitajnana)

* Anima -- Reduce oneself as little as possible
* Mahima - To grow big, as one wishes
*Laghima - To become light
* Garima -To become heavy
* Prapti - To go where one wishes
* Prakamya - To get what one desires
* Istva- To become Lord of all
* Vastva - To control everybody

You can imagine real leaders in earlier times had to do yoga if they were to be effective at all. Nowadays, I don't know if anybody relates to the esoteric art of yoga..

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