Monday, June 01, 2015

Foot problems?

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I bought this little booklet 1001 Home Remedies Natural cures, by Esme Floyd. It is very accessible book, without too verbosity and neatly indexed remedies for every known problem (or so it seemed).
It is a book you may want to pick up, for sure.
Somebody had asked me remedies for fungal toe, and I am sharing some tips from that book (so as to prod you into buying the book).
* Cornmeal foot bath. Soak cornmeal in slightly warm water, Let stand for half hour. Then take a foot bath in it, for an hour. Repeat weekly.
* Rub vick vaporub on feet at night, cover with socks. Repeat daily, till fungus disappear. Ditto for the last tip also.
* Alternately, do a foot rub with this solution: a few drops of peppermint oil added to eucalyptus oil. Again cover feet with socks before sleeping.

Let me know if this worked for you!

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