Tuesday, June 02, 2015

10 life-style habits that affect your energy

It is difficult when people come with expectations on the mat, only to improve physical skills and do not take into account lifestyle habits that actually sum you up as a yoga person.

It is not that yoga seeks to change you in a rigid fashion, but the implication is that your lifestyle deeply affects your energy fields and that you could control a lot of such dissipation, through discipline and love for what you do. How you think, even that matters.

I do not want to lecture you. Rather, I quote teachers far greater than I, and who know everything best.
Swami Satyanandaji in one of his books says that lifestyle definitely affects your pranamayakosha (energy body).

Here is a list
1. Physical activity
2. Work
3. Sleep
4. Food intake
5. Sexual relations
7. Imagination
8. Irregularities in lifestyle
9.Dietary indiscretions

This is what drains one's energy. There are five movements of prana /energy. One prana being depleted means blockage in overall energy flow, disease, metabolic dysfunction.

Pranayamas largely help against this depletion and revitalize the body.

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