Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The chakra problems you did not know about

I have changed the style of this blog, less lecturing, more crisp and more informative. Earlier, my blog would read like a diary, a personal one, which I shared. Now, this is like a review and relook at some of the marvelous things about yoga. The blog is more like a notebook, where I am revising my yoga lessons:)
So, this is a list of the huge problems that most people do not know
(The image is from Johari's site .. which I recommend for articles and links and super images on yoga and yogic body)
, when a chakra is out of kilter. This is by my favorite master on this topic, Harish Johari.

Mooladhara -- Illusion, anger, greed, violent reactions, insecurity.
SWadhistana chakra-- Emotional yo-yos. Restless anxiety
Manipura -- Selfish actions,ego,anger, power.
Anahata chakra -- Purgatory may be experienced, if negative karmas are enacted.
Vishuddha chakra --Throat center --  Negative intellect, or using the intellect unwisely
Ajna Chakra - Third Eye center --
Sahasrara  chakra -- Crown Center -- Negative intellect, negation of the divine.  Also,when the yogi attains bliss, all action may cease so tamas loka (plane of laziness) may occur.

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