Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More on mayurasana: try this quiz before you learn about its powerful impact

(Pose: Padmamayuraana/lotus peacock)
How do you sequence this pose? Beginning of the yoga sadhana or end? And why?

This is one of the most spiritual poses, simply because of its purificatory nature. In Indian mythology a peacock is the natural enemy of a snake, and therefore  this pose also has that implication -- that it is the natural enemy of the toxic part of who we are  !

Swami Satyananadaji who writes a lot on poses from various angles -- the psychic, spiritual, biological and psycho-somatic -- says it can speed up the throw of toxins and should be part of those who want to clarify things, internally or externally.  Along these lines, it  can help skin clear up, tone the digestion, and tone the entire endocrine gland system.


Here are Swamiji's words: That it should be done towards the end of one's practice because it builds up toxins, imminent to their release. And if you do inversions after the peacock, you may end up with toxin overload in your head!


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Yoga have many pose but if we try to doing it according our body requirement then we can get more effective fitness. So do it yoga according to need.
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