Saturday, June 27, 2015

Svargadvidasana:bird of paradise pose

It's an exotic among exotic poses. So fills u with exhilaration. .even a master like BKS is not above that thrill as mentioned in his Light on Yoga book. This a very tough variation of the basic one. In the latter the top leg is held with this leg lock.  Holding the bottom leg requires tremendous control over balance.
Tip: Master the basic.  Then use a wall to lean while experimenting with this version.  It falls in place, suddenly. Pure serendipity. .


Anu said...

I remember reading somewhere that Suryabhedan pranayam should not be immediately followed by Chandrabhedi and viceversa, is this true? Why then isn't the sequence of doing various pranyamas not stressed-upon in TV-taught Pranayama classes?

Diti Shah said...

Hello, Where do you teach yoga? What number can I reach you on? Please write back to me on or leave a comment here. Thanks much :)