Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sacred geometry. .yantras

Sacred geometry is a complete subject in itself. In yoga it is the esoteric yantras. But across the globe, across cultures,  across human history, geometric figures have always been part of sacred rituals and sacred spaces. Today I was thinking of focusing on one figure and learn about its impact on human psyche: so its the circle.
Here is what master yogi  Harish Johari has if point is condensed energy a circle is its extension.
Simply put a circle defines:
* Phenomenal world
* Infinity
* Space

Johari also says it represents dynamism
Scientists who study the connection between art and the human brain will tell us that at a very subliminal level the geometric shapes do carry
a subtext loaded with meaning. Ergonomists, interior designers, architects, space consultants already exploit this connection.

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