Friday, June 24, 2016

Know your Solar plexus : secret of the Manipura chakra

Martial artists have for long celebrated this centre as the seat of power. And in a manner of speaking the rest of the world concedes it's importance by fussing about its aesthetics. ..a flat belly -by hook, crook or the surgeon's knife regarded as desirable. 
For some reason a slack belly evokes mirth. We try to hide it either with tight clothes or loose ones, depending on our orientation and body image.
For me the spiritual impact of the solar plexus region is extremely fascinating. But nowadays u can't say such things without the lunatics in the yoga world sabotaging it while the misguided theists go into an overdrive of suspicion.  If nothing else we can remove the mumbo jumbo out of this and see it purely in the context of psychosomatic impact if that attracts the rationalists.
Whatever it is here is a snapshot of your belly power..
When this center is troubled it happens due to certain types of mind frame which yoga calls vrittis or mental waves.
1. Spiritual ignorance
2. Thirst
3. Jealousy
4. Treachery
5. Shame
6. Fearq
7. Disgust
8. Delusion
9. Foolishness
10. Sadness

( From the book Manipura chakra by Rishi Nityabodhanandha for Bihar School of Yoga)

I don't know how many of us will concede our belly fat or digestive disasters are due to foolishness or treachery.  But maybe there is a way of dealing with our body's issues through the mind. Tomorrow I will compile on the physical issues of this center. So we can tackle it from various angles.
Manipura, the yogic name for the navel center, means the jewelled city. So there are treasures here this center ..that are special. And to reach this city we need the right map.  We must know the terrain.