Monday, June 27, 2016

The center of the battering ram

Parivritta Naukasana - Revolved boat pose

The symbol of the third center is the ram. It's clearly very telling ..of the strength of this center to your entire being. The core ..that part of the body that the entire look-good industry thrives on.

This center - where most of your breath originates - is treated with a lot of respect by martial arts across the world. More on that later. But we all know how difficult it is to cultivate an aesthetic ( read flat stomach )  naturally.  What u eat ( lack of protein, too much sodium or salt , beer or alcohol etc) can cause the stomach to swell up even in skinny people. What u think, your thoughts  also affects it's shape ( excessively angry people, highly stressed or highly anxious people for instance will have a disportionately large bellies ).

According the Kundalini yoga traditions these are the negative effects when your " ram" is in trouble:

1. Excessive rigid way of thinking
2. Greed
3. Constant need to have external approval
4. Manipulative
5. Self-indulgent
6. Procrastination

When it your "ram" is happy
1. Leadership
2. Practical goals
3. Collective responsibility
4. Will power
5. Self- confidence and self-control.
6. Doer

As a teacher and practitioner I find that this is the most challenging centre to deal with - on the mat.  Most people can be " stuck" at this center. It's possibly because it's a bridge between the animal in us and the sublime. 

Earlier I used to wring  my wrists about how resistant people are towards changing themselves. They come to yoga for health, for weight loss, for looking good or younger. But nobody sees this as the most scientific way to change themselves for the better. ( Possibly they think they are too good already;)

Some poses that challenge and tone the third chakra are:
* Dhanurasana ( bow)
* Naukasana (Boat pose)
* Dwipadasuptapawanmuktasana ( Two-legged lying energy release pose)

Yoga = Alchemy :)

Choose it to change yourself! 
Happy sadhana

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