Sunday, September 25, 2016

Clenching your fist is healing?

For almost a decade now, I have been doing Muay Thai. I am hooked to it, simply because in trying to struggle to get one movement just right is so engrossing that I find it super meditative.

And even today, after years, to be able to hold the clenched fist, for a proper punch, is an effort. Perhaps I have deep inhibitions in my mind that I wish to remove, and they are still there, like so much muck under the water's surface:)

So, I wanted to see what yoga had to say about clenched fist, which is, as anybody who knows yoga or Indian classical dance, is  known as mushti / mushtika mudra.

In ayurveda and yoga, the thumb represents the fire element.

In this context, you will know that when the thumb presses down firmly over the other fingers, it suppresses all the other elements and therefore their aggravation.

Which means it controls lethargy (of the ring finger), flow of bodily fluids like mucous, menses, saliva, sweat, oil (of the little finger), agitation of the spirit and the mind (of the middle and index finger respectively). Since fire is seen has the lord of the  other elements, the thumb is the last word on control.  So, yes, wow!

These are the other aspects of the elements it suppresses:

* Dullness of the mind
* Excessive boredom
* Low self-esteem
* Excessive feelings of cold
* Oily hair, skin
* Lack of sweating
* Low appetite
* Sluggish metabolism
* Lack of thirst
* Weight gain
* Hypothyroidism
* Absence of periods
* Too much mucous

Points to note: Since the thumb represents the fire element, you may want to use this with discretion and only on prescription, or for limited time. It will dry you out, overheat you and overcharge (like a mobile phone, if you want to understand in contemporary context;) Drink a lot of water and fluids  and hydrate even if you are prescribed this mudra.

Avoid when having heating conditions, like ulcers, fevers, inflammations.

Or have a high pitta dosha.

Or you will erupt -- in body and mind!!

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