Wednesday, July 26, 2017

4 yoga practices for daily youthfulness

Ayurveda is married to yoga intrinsically. And of all the alternative medicines, I believe in ayurveda the most. Some ayurvedic masters straddle the wisdom of both sciences by seeing the idea of elements in these practices.

While scanning this book Ayurveda and Panchakarma, by Dr Sunil Joshi, I found this reference to yoga, which as an intstructor, caught my eye.

He recommends sun salute and pranayama. But amongst all the asanas and kriyas , he recommends these four the most:

*Locust / Salabhasana
*  Energy-release pose /dwipada supta pawanmuktasana
* Cobra/ Bhujangasna
* Uddiyana bandha

If you are a yoga instructor, you will find the connecting link in all these practices? Your gut, your belly, your digestion. Your second brain.

Dr Joshi observes that"Charaka has mentioned that to use yoga along with panchakarmas therapy eliminates disease."

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