Thursday, July 27, 2017

Herbs to preserve youthfulness

My favorite ayurvedic master is Dr David Frawley. And I swear by him, for a lot of healing with food.

I like his take on the Vanaprastha and Sannyasa stages of life. (Vanaprastha from 50 to 75 years) and Sannyasa from (75 to 100 years).

In this book Ayurvedic Healing, he says the last stages of our life determines our next birth, and so it is very important part of our whole lives! Interesting thought.

The dominant element during this stage is vata. And imagine for a high vata person like me, how much more discomfiting!  I have to practically deal with a double whammy.

Vata is most soothed by oils.

Massages, massages, massages.

Lots of medicated ghee. Mmm, I like ghee. Overall lubrication, soothing the vata element.

Chyavan Prash : youthfulness and rejuvenation.  This is easily available.

Brahmarasayana (for memory).

Gotu kola -- to improve hearing.

Ashwagandha -- for rejuvenation.

Guggul: For arthritic joints

Shatavari - for women's health issues

With all these easily available, it is a sin not to take care of your health. However, you need to consult an expert as to which of the above you need.

I love this paragraph: "In India, the later years are considered to be the appropriate season of life for spiritual growth, the time when worldly obligations to work and family are completed and when the soul naturally begins to long for the transcendent. The body matures around the age of 21 but the mind does not mature until the age of 30. The soul, however, does not mature until the age of fifty, when the higher aspect of our lives truly begins. For this reason, the time after the age of fifty is the most important for spiritual growth."

Yes, yes. I agree with that totally!

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