Monday, December 25, 2017

Why your hips affect your moods?

Hips don't lie, apparently😉Flexibility of the hips combined with their strength has a lot to do with your moods. That is because your uro- genital system is stacked up in that region of your hips. And much of what you feel is just the right cocktail mix of chemicals, hormones and neurotransmitters.  A hug. A kiss.  The safety of a nest or a home. Curiosity. Sense of adventure. Keenness to learn. Looking ahead.  Planning for the future. A  sense of purpose. Infatuation. Love. Parental love. All of these come from stuff released or related to the reproductive system like oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine .

This may explain even criminal activity ..because some of the actions the criminals  indulge in is an attempt to tap into the high these chemicals release.

It is a complicated loop. And these feelings decide our sense of being. And well-being.

That is why in yoga u can relieve a bad mood by doing the right poses ..many related in helping blood flow to the uro-genital region and can be less complicated than indulging in dangerous or criminal or addictive activity!
This pose ..called hindolasana ..or the baby cradle pose a super hip- opener.
It is a must-do pose to create overall flexibility too. And helps ease the difficulty in backbends.

And hip strength is one of the most important requisite for youthfulness ..which explains why many dance styles have exaggerated moves to highlight hip health dramatically.

In later lives a hip complication can take longer to heal, if at all. It is important to invest a few minutes in such poses daily to continue having a robust life.

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