Sunday, December 24, 2017

Glow face: easily and inexpensively

Even practitioners who do not do stunts on the mat ..they look far younger than their non-practicising counterparts . Often these easy poses are more impactful because they have less contraindications. And they work because they activate powerful acupressure points.

All forward bends are said to keep your skin glowing. Simple, Watson😉Its because these poses make your face flushed with blood.

How do u glow with this pose?

* Major acupressure points at the navel are activated for relieving  water retention. One of the reasons there are those ugly pouches in the face ..due to sluggish release of water logged in the tissue.

* More blood to the brain and face

* Releases anger ..and anger makes u old and ugly😉

* Removes stress ( the stress glands at your lower back get a firm massage) . Stress makes u old and sad-ugly. 😉

* Promotes digestion all the nutrients are rightly absorbed. Skin needs a lot of maintenance and repair that is supported by your food.

* Enhances deep breathing.  And good breathing is  ABSOLUTELY essential for youthful skin.

* Impacts your uro-genital system ..which deals with your moods and hormones..both super important contributors  towards skin glow.

* A huge acupressure point at the buttocks called vajra nadi is activated deals with the repairing systems of the body.

This pose is called balasana ( child pose). There are similar poses with different arm positions..which have similar impact ( shashankasana/ hare pose).

In case u have  a knee problem u can keep a cushion under the knees. In case u can't touch forehead to ground also a cushion is a good prop.

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