Saturday, December 23, 2017

You are your stomach!

The prayer we say at our ashram before a meal sums this up: what is offered is god. Brahmarpanam ..If u are what eat and what u eat is god, the fire on which the offering is made is also god. Brahmahavir..U get the general idea of where we are headed..that your gut is god.

The mind is given the halo. But we forgot biologically the brain was solely created to get us food and prevent us from becoming another creature's food. That later the brain evolved enough to forget its own humble origins or to discuss quantum physics is the subject of another post.

But suffice to say the gut is a very powerful organ. So powerful that it can make decisions that bypass the brain.  Has an exclusive hotline to the brain called the gut-brain axis. And it can release hormones that can subvert those released by the rest of the body's juices.

And this system is host to several armies of microorganisms that have their control panels.

So keeping your stomach healthy is crucial for every part of who u are.
This pose called jatharagniasana ( abdominal fire pose) or udharakarshanasana ( abdominal stretch pose). Like I say u will find several tutorials for it online. U can keep knees down as well. Or lean on a wall. If knees gives u troubleu can sit on a chair to modify the pose.

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