Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dwipada viparita dandasana

This is the double legged inverted rod pose... I used to be thrilled when I dropped in it. And earlier I could do it lightly, and with more ease!  Have not practised it in a while, but enjoyed the drop nevertheless. However, I believe where earlier he legs used to not straighten up easily, now they do. So, the lightness of the drop, is what I need to re-cultivate. Mmm, a very soothing pose, if u ease into it.

Hey, this is also the pose into which most beginners drop in, when they fall in the headstand. But if I told them that, they laugh nervously:)

Other thing is of course, being able to kick up back into the headstand. My own take is anything can be done, if the focus is right and the right muscles are utilised. So, as u can see, was feeling my way with that... slowly, slowly, one day:)

Difficulty in the pose?
  • The fear factor, which is what makes the body stiffen up. And fear also makes the body heavier. All backward drops invite that, because u have no idea about the distance of the fall. That is all..
  • Flexibility, if you wish to stretch the legs in front.
  • Complete suppleness of the spine, which is what supports the fall.. a stiff spine will not take that too gently..

Happy sadhana!

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Shweta said...

I used to fall like that while learning the headstand. Dont think we can forget that : )

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