Friday, January 28, 2011

Yogic tip for today

Drinking a few glasses of water with a dash of salt (except when u have blood pressure issues) will complete your elimination process (that was just an euphemism for shitting:) It brings out ages-old fecal matter stuck in your colon and which is difficult to dislodge naturally if you eat like most of unyogic humanity, which is usually all wrong and over-the-top. Apparently up to 2.5 kgs of your body weight could just be this crap that has become a thick coating in your colon ... The ratio of salt to water is two tsp per liter.


Sugandha said...

This is also recommended for Shankh Prakshalan except that the water should be warm.
But it doesn;t work for first timers.I think it should be done for some days regularly to get the colon cleansed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.
How many liters of water a day should one consume? Should I take this before bed as well?
How many days should one do this?
Thanks again.

Shameem Akthar said...

It depends on your diet. If it is watery fruity salady stuff lots of water in it already. But a high-protein diet needs a lot of water, and if you take whey also, u must drink two-three liters at least I would think. And not before sleeping. Too much water just before sleeping makes you want to pee and wakes up middle of the night. Disturbs sleep. And the salt water morning thing -- that is a kriya, and may be continued daily...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the ambiguity in the flow of my question.
What I meant was do I consume a liter or more of salt water daily? Or a glass of water every morning.
Thank you