Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Today in Class: Scorpion attempted, with success

Some days of the week even I need an energy boost from my students: Prajakta Potnis (she is a well-respected artist,  exhibiting internationally) a student of mine did two wonderful things that gave that to me!  Mansi Salvi , television actress and Prajakta's v.close buddy, added her own `charge' to it. So, it was a double wow-feeling! U have no clue how good it feels when  students go for a difficult pose and hang on there!

 Prajakta attempted a perfect scorpion, holding the upper arm strongly so the face was well-lifted up -- this is the second most difficult thing to do in the scorpion. The first, of course, to lift your head up boldly from the headstand-- exhilaratingly terrifying -- an adrenaline move.  She completed the pose by holding it well, plus landing rightly on her feet as I dropped her legs, one at a time. That is marvellous. She said she could do it by visualising strongly of the pose. Mmm, when my students translate theory to practice, that is a yoga for me:)

Mansi, of course, was the first woman student of mine who actually lifted her head off the headstand, to attempt the scorpion... Sonia has since followed. Now almost six students are simultaneously trying the scorpion, in different batches. Most of them, not surprisingly, are women:)  I have tried it with earlier batches, but with most students, even when they do a good or strong headstand, they will be fearful about lifting their head up. Their heads will hang down, and I will end up running along their mat, holding their feet, to drop their body gently,  stomach down, on the mat! A hugely nervewracking experience for me.  U feel hugely ridiculous and of course, hugely nervous, doing that. This awkwardness happens when the student is completely disoriented, as the scorpion is capable of making u feel. Prahlada, when I was at the attc camp last year, showed us how to drop the student's legs from nervous scorpion.  However, even when u do that, some students could land on their knees. It is that sort of confusing, disorienting pose unless u learn it as a child.   So, this head-lift of Mansi, the first time she tried it, was perfect. Then she had taken a sabbatical from it. But now she is back at it, it that  sort of moment when u feel it is not so bad being an instructor, after all!!

So, now both seem to be keen on getting the scorpion... by month-end, Mansi said!!!

Then Prajakta cleaned up her kakasana today... a particular error she wanted to correct for a long while. She did it today! Plus, she repeated the crow, without that error, a second time.. So we all know now the correction is no fluke:) I am excited about that...

Oh, btw. these two come all the way from Borivli (Prajakta) and Malad (Mansi), for a 7 am class with me.  That sort of humbles me.


Anonymous said...

bare high profile teacher ho boss......sare celebrity students....wah bhai wahhhhhhh

Shameem Akthar said...

A cheap comment, which explains why u chose to do it anonymously:) And that is the difference maybe between anonymous people and high-profile people, wat?!! Cheapness!!!!!
Plus u clearly don't read the rest of the blog, of my `humble', low profile students?
Grow up!

manasi said...

Thanks Maam. .its truly encouraging :-) Prajakta n Manasi