Thursday, April 28, 2011

In class

Khusbhoo's team ( I have to say that, since that tiny girl seems to be enthusing other girls to my class and how much ever space is there, they will line up tightly next to each other:) are all doing the pranayama in lotus. They are so open to the idea of yoga and seem to understand why I am so mad about it:)  Anjali, who has a spinal slump, has been the wonder turnaround.. her co-ordination in sun salute has become near perfect.  She does a light shoulderstand and comes out of it neatly...  Khusboo has begun to move more confidently into the  headstand. Sneha also tried it yesterday, rather well, her first time!! She had done hot yoga before... but I have a sneaky feeling she prefers the Sivananda style better:) Puja in class has returned to my session after a loooong gap ... she always did a wonderful  crow and I hope she uses that focus to grow into the headstand... She gets a lot of bamboo from me, for her love for talking and she takes it all good-naturedly:) That too is yoga, I guess!
Oh, and Petros is back. He has a very devotional attitude to yoga and has learnt the Sivananda short slokas.. which is wonderful. All his poses are as firm despite the gap in practice (when he was away in Cambodia).

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