Friday, April 08, 2011

Today in class

Morning class/es were smooth and lovely. Everybody in the first batch got the scorpion, though with support -- but the deep arch of the back was there, they also held on to it for rather long after moving the feet off the support.  The trick about the scorpion -- the switch of awareness between legs, shoulders and hips -- was also there... and they all came down from the pose with control. Purrfect:)  In fact, the super-quiet Manasi was excited enough to shout 'Ma'am!!' while mid-way in the pose:) Lovely to see my babies do that difficult pose.

In the other class Sarah was invited to give Sun Salute instructions -- and she did rather well, for a first attempt. It helped that the other student in the class was a very accommodating, sweet Abhishek:) He even complimented her that she was far better than me:)  And he even promised to enroll in her class when she starts teaching... And then Abhishek outdid himself and held the headstand for rather long:)!! Plus, for the first time he held on to the crow, also for  rather long... Lovely start, great progress... Once the crow and the headstand fall in place, you are permanently committed to yoga... Which is why I like teaching these two poses that other teachers often resist teaching.. .. Phew, it is great when the headstand falls in place! Just as good as, if not better, when the scorpion falls in place for the advanced students....

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