Monday, May 02, 2011

Yesterday's answer, today's query

Answer:salt because it creates high blood pressure.

Query:after fasting which food is best from the following.. Brown rice. Khichdi. Fruits. Raw vegetables. Explain why?


Anila said...

I am going with Fruits and raw vegetables- Your body has lost some nutrients and you need to replenish them.

Brown rice- hmm..not sure, i do not think you should eat carbs immediately after fasting because it wreaks havoc on the blood sugar(I may be wrong).
Khichdi - No, because i believe its in a mashed form-and all the nutrients have already been lost in oxidation.

sonia said...

fruits cos they will neutralize the acid in the stomach caused by fasting

lizw said...

I'm also going with fruits. They're easier to digest than the others, so you don't overload your stomach after fasting.