Saturday, July 09, 2011

Daily Health Gyan: Badam oil and soaps

Ok, about this badam oil. One tsp is enough (any case it is too costly for more!!) night, after dinner, before sleeping is all. Instructions on the pack. Plus, remember some badam oil is only for massage. That is clearly stated. Few brands are marketing pure stuff. I myself have the one by Dabur (Rogan Badam Shirin). More on external uses also (great massage oil, esp for face due to vitamin E content) here...

By the way, for those with dry skin (vata problem) glycerin soaps are best. They lock the moisture in because they contain humectants..(water absorbing capacity of those molecules). I myself realised that the best way to judge your soap is through this simple test/observations: does it melt when humidity is high? If yes, it is good. Why? Because,  my dear Watsons, the soap is absorbing moisture from the air and begins to melt!! That means its moisturising capacity is far higher and superior to any of the fragrant (SRK notwithstanding:) soaps in the market!! 

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