Monday, September 12, 2011

Daily health gyan

I have had an unopened bottle of rosemary oil for heaven knows how long. I bot it to reduce my yoga belly:) Well, u know all yogis have a huge belly... Look at Bikram Chaudhry, Bharat Thakur and u name who. Except Ramdevji (he has a six pack:). Any case, it was unopened (and not because I do my abs religiously:) any case, just discovered that it is a great `sports' injury' oil. It reduces swelling and may be used around injured/sprained spots. Btw it hikes BP so u want to watch that. And also, it is one of those oils with lots of contraindications so don't self-prescribe going by what I say. (Rosemary, like some essential oils, is contratindicated for kids). I myself found it difficult to sleep the night I used on my ankle which got swollen (from my knee pain) Damned, right? Knee is injured and ankle swells up like some fat caterpillar:( Any case, I found it interefered with my sleep. So, if using rosemary do not use it at night... More on this, as I try and experiment -- will let u know.

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