Sunday, February 05, 2012

Natrajasana: the calming pose

I am a shy person, though nobody believes that:) . Only Prahlada, my teacher, seems to know that, for whenever I have been introduced by him,  he will merely say, "Now I must introduce someone very shy to you":) One time he said, this is the shy one, Shameem, if I say one more word about her, she will run off! I remember last time I was there to assist him, and he used the word shy in context to me everytime he introduced us assistants to the group. Others like Superna would be surprised why he says that... You and shy, she would shake her head!!

But yes, I am  super sensitive, and shy.. I hate having to stand up before people and talk all the time.. I like my corner, my mat  (even without a mat is fine:) and I am happiest, to be left alone!
So, these balancing poses tease me a lot.. for a shy person, balancers are the toughest:) However, I am now in love with balancers. Like in the headstand, something of what yoga speaks of, those wordless things, gets transmitted to me, when I hold these poses

I like the forward tilt in the Natrajasana,  though a neater version (which I have now just discovered by watching the difference between my execution and of others) is there the torso is not tilted forward. That way you can walk the back foot closer to your head. I assume that calls for different muscular effort. Will let u know after working on that...

What you need for this pose:
  • Hip flexibility
  • Great balance.
  • Focus.
Happy sadhana!!

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