Monday, April 02, 2012

What is IT then?

Sometimes some people who meditate tell me, they enter a state where they go blank. That feels good. A pure sense of emptiness. Actually, Ramana Maharishi often warns that it is a state of laya, absorption and should not be mistaken for the experience of the ultimate. Here is what the Vivekachudamani by Adi Shankarcharya, saying the same thing!!

Nor is the blissful sheath the Supreme Self, because it is endowed with the changeful atttributes, is a modification of the prakriti, is the effect of past good deeds and embedded in the other sheaths which are modifications. 

He means, I believe, that this too is part of the human experience and is a sort of attachment from which one should wean oneself from.

He says the Witness is the Self, and not these sheaths, including the subtle bliss sheath. I will give the verse following this one, tomorrow:)

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