Friday, June 29, 2012

Feeling too cold: Daily health gyan

MMMmm, I am often egotistic enough to be ashamed to admit to certain physical problems I am have chronically:) Like for instance, I have low blood pressure before periods and really, though it is technically not an exclusive problem, and is there for many women, it bothers me a lot because I feel I should control it!

Any case, feeling cold all the time and low blood pressure are related.. If u are morbidly cold, and that is true of me on certain days when the cold can actually be felt as an acute consistent and pervasive pain -- then it could be due to certain physical factors you may want to control..

  • Bad or indifferent or not planned diet. This denies you of nutrients which can help to keep your body warm. 
  • Low blood pressure -- which happens also when you are depressed.Here, it is a classic chicken-egg question, which comes first!?! Makes u dizzy as well. 
  • Hypo thyroidism -- this can also cause that clammy, lord-I-will-die in this cold feeling. 
Strangely, I find that pranayama helps a lot with this condition. Perhaps because it naturally hikes the body's temperature. I recall when the aggressive yogis in Sadhana Intensive drove us adapting,accomodating, adjusting yogis into the open (from the hall which becomes heated because it is shut and due to the cluster of so many bodies inside) we were just five of us left to do the intense sadhana in the freezing cold, off the Ganges in Uttarkashi. Though I felt cold all the time, especially because I did not take any warm clothes, I did not fall sick or suffer the cold. I was amazed how I could tolerate it so well... so yes, yoga works here too:) 

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Charu said...

I feel awfully cold often especially with that AC on. I just thought it was a body type thing. I have to admit that I have a couple of time felt a palpitation/ shiver that sort of persists whenever it gets just below 25 degrees. The docs just look at you and say "Over 40? Oh! Hormones." Case closed.