Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Aw,this power yoga crap...

I am sooo bored with this power yoga crap happening in Mumbai. Just some fast yoga -- some classes even do only surya namaskars for one full hour, how so convenient for the teachers, without any form. Some of these students from these classes come to me and I see how terrible their surya namaskar is and I know that it is not anywhere close to yoga -- yoga is about awareness, form, perfect execution. So, here is what Kasmin Fernandes wrote on Power yoga for the Times of India, with quotes from me, including other teachers who cannot understand how Mumbai seems to be the only city suffering from an epidemic of yoga that is far, far, far away from the real stuff. Oh, btw, one student returned after a certificate and all from some famous local institute, with a certificate to teach. If you see her talking instead of doing, on the mat, you will wonder why, why, why, why... the so-called classicists here only theorise. So really, poor Mumbaikars are caught between the Devil and the deep sea and do not know anything that feels like yoga. Southern cities have a great yoga culture, Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala-- you cannot believe the depth of poses they learn. Delhi also has a super yoga culture. When will Mumbai catch up. Or should I just pack up and leave.... ??

Here is the article, btw

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