Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yoga terms: Hatha yoga demystified

Hatha yoga is often mistaken to be just the yoga of the body. It is disastrous to hear Mumbaikars discuss yoga (they cannot spell the word at all, and prefix with Power as if it is some special mantra:) According to Sw Niranjananda, the word is formed by a combination of two words Ham and Tham, with Pingala (the active, creative, solar channel) and the Ida (the passive, lunar channel) of energy. Thus Hatha yoga is one which helps channelise these two energies. I myself simplistically, for those who must have a scientific lingo for understanding such stuff, put it to mean bringing in touch the opposing parts of ourselves, the right and the left brain hemispheres together where earlier they do not talk to each other...

In other eastern sciences, the yin and yang speaks of this same forces.. and their coming together

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