Thursday, July 26, 2012


That by which everything is perceived but which itself is not perceived, know thou that atman -- the Knower -- through the sharpest intellect.


Sometimes I fear I am going mad, when I think where I am heading:) Then I read Indian philosophy and am assured that they are indeed talking of something too deep for thoughts to even know, so it is ok, that I am trying to be thoughtless, ambitionless and aimless...and equally,  it is not just ok, it is what I need to be, to even try to understand the scriptures. So, yes, a sort of madness which is welcome, this insanity of my yoga:)

And yes, u cannot chose two destinations in two opposite directions --

I have long given up explaining this to many of my well-wishers who think I am not promoting myself enough or pushing for my classes or have great ambitions to teach the world.. or enter politics like some yoga gurus do, directly or indirectly ...
just now, all the major gurus in this country have all of their fingers thick in politics -- which does make one wonder, na?
If you look back at the real teachers, Sw Sivananda or Sri Ramana Maharishi, then u know they had no wish to enter politics.. including the ashram type ones ... take Lord Buddha when his disciple got imprisoned and    was put to death slowly by his son... The real gurus, they  kept off ... their sight was on something else...

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ceedaar said...

i was trying to check out the buddha story on the net.
i could not find any reference to the rahula ( buddha's son)
trying to put to death his fathers disciple. can you plz provide.