Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patchouli: thick, sexy flavor

I have kept bottles of patchouli because most aromatherapists will rave about it -- but since it has a heavy, thick almost medicinal aroma, I have neglected this wonder oil. Apparently, it is an aphrodisiac.. and hey, that is not why I have rediscovered it -- but that it has a spiritual flavor and used while meditating. So, why I have neglected it.. don't know. Now picked up another bottle for Rs 200 and hope to rediscover its charms which include great impact on all sorts of skin, including what is politely called mature skin (over-40s skins:) and any skin problem. It is also an insect repellent  -- insects love me, ask my husband -- last year we had a beg bug invasion thanks to our visit to Gaiety cinema which is infamous for this infestation. Then till pest control came twice to finish off the last eggs, I had been nicely bitten. My husband was not so favored! Happens with other insects too.. the other day a bee stung me, just as I put my hand out in my terrace garden.. like a copter it flew up, from where it was hiding and before I could draw my hand back it had stuck. My index finger was sore and even now feels a bit weird. Biki Bora, my trainer, informs me now that a bee has stung I will not die of a stroke. So, some consolation.

To return to Patchouli, it is a perfume base favorite (hey, then how come I thot the aroma was medicinal?!!) .. maybe I was sniffing at it raw (but ylang ylang, rose and even vertiver which is very thick aroma smell divine raw).. so yes, I am going to put it in a diffuser and relearn this patchouli, through my olfactory organ.. and yes, it is very calming. That could explain it -- these vata types like me, they resist calming stuff! 

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