Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quizz: on Hanumanji and stuff

Answer: Of the eight /ashtha siddhis (powers) acquired through pure sadhana (Lord Hanuman is amongst those celebrated for such prowess) the four of the physical ones are anima (reduce oneself to atom size), mahima(expand to enormous extent), garima (heaviness that can crush) and laghima (lightness of the weightless) 

That is why I keep telling my more unadaptive and resistant students (who keep acting as if they need more space) that they have no clue what yoga is talking of.. if two feet is all u get to practice yoga, can u do it -- then only you can say you are a practitioner. Otherwise, don't call it yoga!

QUERY: After Lord Hanuman, who is the other Hindu god toasted for having the ashtha siddhis?

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