Thursday, August 09, 2012

Back again, childlike, free on the mat : moksha in ekapadabhujapidasana

I was feeling sick the last few days, and usually I hate to admit that, being yoga teacher and all. But when u recover, u go back to the mat with renewed vigor:)

So, I tried two poses with which I had been fiddling about -- You may seen my handlocked scorpion. Now, I tried the handlocked headstand (post tomorrow) and the ekapada bhujapidasana..

Will blog here only on the latter:
What u need for this pose:

  • A good dwipadabhujapidasana -- there are two versions, one where the ankles are locked and anotehr with the legs out. The latter is the better one, to prepare for this. 
  • For the stretched leg to lift higher, of course, you need arm strength. 
  • But more than that, it is actually a lot of balance, because the leg will wobble a lot. To keep it high and straight, is the fun thing.
Happy sadhana! 

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