Thursday, August 09, 2012

Side-crow to headstand and back! One more fun..

Any case, the best thing that came out of  any bad is that  gives  you another fresh perspective on this whole yoga bizness, which completely absorbs me.  I return to my mat, my mind not turgid anymore. The flow of thoughts clear, as I watch on. The mind waves (writtis), not chaotic, like earlier. I am waiting for them to stop.. so when the vrittis stop, I will see ITs reflection with greater clarity.

Perhaps the clarity is back too,because after a gap of many months, went back to newer variations with which I had fiddled earlier. The elbow headstand (post tomorrow), ekapada bhujapidasana (posted today) and some wheel variations. And this one, the sidecrow to headstand and back variation. It came on first attempt....

So, yes, so what if someone throws garbage at you. Once I clean my mindspace up  something new, freshly beautiful falls into my lap. And I wonder that It has so many faces...and this time, it smiled at me, through these poses I tried today:) Yesssssssssss!!!!

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