Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Daily health gyan: turmeric

I have blogged on this earlier. Turmeric is regarded as a yogi spice because it removes inflammation, promotes flexibility. Here is a recipe I had dug out for IA, long ago:

Yoga diet
Turmeric pickle
Turmeric is regarded as the yogi spice, because it relieves stiff joints.

Half a cup slivered fresh turmeric; half cup slivered ginger; salt to taste. One cup lemon juice. Green chillis, one tablespoon, slivered and deseeded.  One tablespoon oil,  one tsp mustard seeds,  a tsp asfoedida,  one tsp fenugreek seeds.

Fry and powder mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds, add asfoetida. Mix this with ginger, turmeric and chilli. Add lemon juice. Keep aside for a few hours. Though it may be served after a few hours, keeping it aside for a few days in closed jar enhances flavor.

How it works: Turmeric is said to be anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which explains why it repairs the body so superbly. Fenugreek like the other spices used is a digestive, and helps in acidity, revives libido, treats joint stiffness. Lemon is anti-oxidant and also used in treatment of many digestive problems.

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