Monday, August 13, 2012

Yogic thought for the day: Patanjali

It is all very well for me to yap about tortoise, withdrawal of the senses, etc. But since I got the Kuteer, some irritation or the other -- now don't put the shutter (after spending some thousands of bucks on it), then give me the general toilet key, after being assured that the cheap types won't come and pee on my wall:( Before we went in, the place was a mess, but suddenly I am clean and fresh and everybody hates me! The world moves in strange ways.. Then you do not know whether you are a tortoise with the limbs drawn in or you are being suffocated by having to do so:) Any case .. . The `nice'  thing about all this apparently is that all your problems are created by your higher self to test your lower self. MMMMmmmm, some test!!

Any case, have been gripped by this line from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

The Supreme entasy  is near to him who is extremely vehement in his practice of yoga. (Entasy is the inward flow of consciousness ... inner flow of bliss ) .. I don't know there seems to be so many sub-texts to this word...

But I think it means the high you get from yoga is strong only in those whose practice is firm, determined, focused and disciplined. That is easy. Or is it? 

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