Monday, August 13, 2012

Yogic tip for the day

Aakash Vardhak mudra for those who suffer from chronic congestion of the chest -- tip of middle finger to the tip of the thumb, each hand and only as long as congestion lasts. After which practice must be discontinued. 

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Atul Mulji said...

I really enjoy reading yr inputs on yoga, being myself a Sivananda teacher. I read Life Positive regularly as well. I remember once you wrote an article on VISHNU MUDRA explaining the why of it (the purpose) in terms of mudra science and the effects of the various elements when you use it in pranayama, now I was looking for the same article but I could not find it in the mudra section here in your blog nor under pranayama, will you be kind enough to send me a link to where I can find it, please? Om Namah Shivaya.