Thursday, December 27, 2012

Aw, so sorry for being away so long..

But these gaps are painful. I just have a thing about sitting before the comp for too long and feel as if I am back at work (I hate phones for the same reason, reminds me of the adrenaline-spiked journalistic past).

Am getting back to normal life, after having become a happy recluse for the past few months. So all that adds up to less time blogging. I also have begun to do walkabouts, wandering aimlessly around, flitting from some place to another, just being:) Feels good, to chose to have some time to myself that needs no  clock-watching, no people interactions, or planning or scheduling. Feels really good. If I was a guy, I will be in saffron, begging for my food (maybe, I hardly eat) and living a wandering life ridden with mosquitoes, the open sky and stars, openair toilets and rest of the hard things .. come to think of all that, I rather be wandering in Bandra, in cocooned comfort of civilisation:)

Must promote my book, must get back to blogging, have restarted my yoga shop tentatively, must write my columns, must do this, must do that, heavens who said a yoga teacher's life is relaxed!!!!!?? Some of my students, no doubt, wish to become `parttime' yoga teachers, get an assured  halo (how come I don't have one:) and earn great  pocket money and enjoy tonnes of relaxation between both.  Ha ha to them:) They will find out, the hard way...

So, yes, I promise to be more regular!!!

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