Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Kizhi massage : ayurveda

I hope to soon to be able to do a ayurveda diet course online. Let's see.
But Dr David Frawley's books and Dr Robert Svoboda's books are very exciting ones on how enlightened ayurveda is and how it is the perfect compliment for yoga.

Today, I enjoyed my second kizhi massage. It is a very very verrry hot massage. I cannot imagine that most people can take that sort of heat.. Boluses (those ayurvedic potlis u can buy in some highend pharmacies or beauty shops, c are filled with herbs)are dipped in hot oil (all medicated -- including tamarind, neem, coconut, lemon, etc) are used for this massage. The heat of the oil is exciting, if you like seering heat. Unlike with other massages you cannot fall asleep. It is pretty long. And, pretty costly. But it is said to

  • tone skin
  • improve vitality
  • relieve muscle tension (needed after a kickboxing session)
  • deal with vata aggravations (I am always an aggravated vata:) that include joint pains, arthritis, etc.
  • remove toxins. 
  • controls the bad cholesterol
  • and keeps u young.. 
I buy all of
that. It is very relaxing. I am still enjoying a post-massage slump and feel truly relaxed. The body feels tight and firm, after a great massage. 

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Physical Therapist Waldwick said...

I think massage is one of the best ways to get body muscles relaxation. I will try the Kizhi hot massage and hope I will feel comfortable during and after the massage.