Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Women are from Venus.. some diseases

Usually, women outlive men. But there are certain things where the gender ratio tilts in men's favor. Though more men possibly die of heartattacks, many men, if they survive a first attack, do live on well. For women, the first attack can be fatal, because the symptoms are very sly.
For men, the heart attack indications are well-chronicles and are distinctive, pain from the left side. For women apparently, the lurking heart ailment could be giving vague warnings that the body may fail to pick up -- lower abdomen pain, fatigue etc.

The same is true for colon cancer -- when men have it, they pass stool. Women get something called the occult cancer, because the cancer is sly and they will only pass dark stools and often, do not know they have this dangerous ailment hidden inside.

I read this in a paper today. I wondered how many people read health sections. And why, being a bad reader could mean you did not know so many things, including your body. 

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