Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today's fav topic,Vishuddha chakra, and the magic of the blue throat

Since Prachi's workshop I have been obsessing about Vishuddha a lot, and wondering how I missed understanding it for so long..

Then my throat became sore unreasonably and on its own, and has remained oddly raw-sounding (though there is absolutely no pain!!) for a while..

Then, interestingly, as happens when I am broke and I get the urge to spend (ha, the impulse control tricks I teach my students does not work for me, it seems), I went online and shopped for books (well, spending as many shades -- the good type and the bad type even if both irrevocably lead to getting thoroughly broke:) and then ordered the final book which was on my list (of books which had to be bought after I lost them in the fire at my old home).. A systematic course in the ancient tantric techniques of Yoga and Kriya, by my fav author on yoga Swami Satyanandaji,

Swamiji connects the story of Lord Shiva, the ocean churning, and the swallowing of the poison here, as a metaphor for this chakra's potentialities.

That once this chakra is reached, you are able to swallow even poison,

  • meaning, you can take both good and bad in life equally, and in blissful state, because your perspective has shifted. 
  • "the world becomes like one's own home" writes Swamiji.. meaning that one begins to flow with instead of fighting with one's life. 
  • Things become magical. 
  • One tune's in with other people. 
  • Everything is seen as a cosmic whole.
  • "this is the gateway for one who wishes to know yoga" (Shat chakra Nirupama.
  • He understands all scriptures without needing to read them. 
  • He becomes compassionate. 
  • Blissful
  • Peaceful.

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