Monday, April 07, 2014

New trick to an old pose: The locust recalled

This is one pose which really challenges me. I always have a reason to do it shorter than all other backbends. And it is the pose that makes me feel "yeesh"and humble.. Though I do jump up in its handsfree version and can get quite a high at overcoming the fear that pose offers even today, after so many years, I still shrink visibly when I do the classic locust.

These days, as I explained due to the slack in teaching and somehow feeling the sense I can breathe that little extra more, I have been trying to find various different ways to enter it.

One way, which eases the heaving entry into it, is by keeping the soles of the feet together in the baddhakonasana aspect, and lift the knees, then feet off the ground as you straighten the legs.

The other way, I realize is to lift one leg up as high as you can, and without jumping up, just easing the other leg up -- this prevents a jump (which, long term, can contract the hip muscle of the weaker leg -- because that is the second leg which must leap and give a short "kick" to the pose). A jump in the salabhasana can contract the hip/lower back muscles, create a permanent nerve pinch.

So, easing up with one leg leading the other gracefully is better. I am cleaning up this, and hopefully should have got a grip on the pose in a month or so. You guys too try it and let me know how these tips work out.

Happy sadhana!

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